Our Must-Do Summer Activities

Posted by Kevin Wild on

Let's be honest - summer goes by way too fast. Heck, it's already mid August! You're going to blink and before you know it, Fall will be here. Then Christmas.

This is an even bigger incentive to get outside and enjoy the season while it's still here. We know we will. Don't know what to do? We've got you covered. Here are some things we will be doing (frequently) this summer:


One of our favourite summer activities is hitting up the patio. It doesn't matter whether it's Buffalo Wild Wings or McDonalds, if there's an option to sit outside, we will take it. There are aren't many activities more relaxing than sitting on the patio with a few good friends, enjoying a cocktail (or three).


We will be the first to admit, golfing is hard. Regardless of how hard we try, it seems the golf ball is magnetized towards the water. Last time we played, we ran out of balls before the 5th hole. Seriously. Despite how difficult it can be, golfing is a great way to spend time outside. It's not strenuous, and you can ride around in a golf cart. Enough said.


Similar to patios, if we have the opportunity to cook dinner on the BBQ instead of the oven, we're going to do it. Let's get real though, what can't be cooked on the BBQ. Have you even had pizza cooked on the BBQ? It's delicious.

Local Events

Regardless of what city you call home, there's bound to be some fun summer activities. Whether it's a musical festival, fundraiser, or sports tournament, sign up and have some fun. Better yet, get some friends together and do it together. Trust us, it's a lot easier to get off the couch when you have friends pulling on your arms.

Throw A Deck Party

Last, but certainly not least, throw a deck party. If you don't have a deck (or house for that matter), find a friend who does and convince him/her to throw it. Turn up the music, and crack open some cold ones. There's no better summer activity than partying under the stars.

Well, that's it. These are our 5 activities you must do this summer. Get out there, and start taking advantage of this warm weather. Before, you know, it's winter again.