Top 3 Cocktails for Fall

Posted by Kevin Wild on

Time to get real - summer is over and it sucks. For those of you who are already missing the warm weather, we've compiled this list of Fall-inspired cocktail recipes to tide you over.

Stay inside, wear some shorts, and sip on one of these drinks. You might even start to forget summer has ended (it's easier to forget after a few drinks).

Cinnamon Maple Whiskey Sour

We all know whiskey is the best cold-weather alcohol, mostly because it makes you feel all warm inside. This take on a whiskey sour will make you feel great, regardless of how windy and cold it is outside.

Cranberry Thyme Gin and Tonic

There's no competing with a gin and tonic, except when you add some cranberries and some thyme. This twist on a classic G&T will have you partying like it's summer again.

Cardamom Cocktail

For those of you already looking forward to winter (yes, those people exist) - this cocktail is for you! With a beautiful white colour and smooth taste, this drink may have you singing Christmas carols in October.