Why We Print Direct-To-Garment

Posted by Kevin Wild on

In the clothing industry, there are many different ways to print on fabric. You've likely worn multiple pieces of clothing that were printed using different methods.

When we founded Fat Rich Wild, we did so with the intention of selling the highest quality garments available. Because of this goal, choosing the right printing method was extremely important. Who wants a tee that fades after a couple washes?

All of our styles are manufactured using direct-to-garment printing which means our designs are printed with ink, directly to the fabric. Why did we choose this method? A few reasons:

  1. Direct-to-garment printing allows for accurate and highly detailed prints. Like these.
  2. Direct-to-garment printing also allows for a full range of colors, allowing us to make colourful designs like our TROPICAL TEE.
  3. When a design is printed direct-to-fabric, the ink attaches directly to the fibres of the fabric. This gives a superb feel to the t-shirt, as if the design is part of the garment.

Compare this to screen-printing (which is limited to fewer colors), and heat transfer printing (which uses a glue to apply the design to the garment). These end up looking worn and faded after a few washes. Gross! 🤢

With these advantages, it was clear direct-to-garment is best way to manufacture our products. Without it, we couldn't state our products are of the highest quality.

Have questions about our products? Don't hesitate to reach out!

- ❤️ Team #FatRichWild